Learn to speak and understand Moroccan Darija fluently.

Darija Institute will soon launch new Moroccan Darija online group classes! Our skilled teachers, with extensive language skills, will guide you smoothly into Moroccan language and culture. Don't miss out—leave your details, and we'll keep you updated on the launch!

The very first in The Netherlands & Belgium.

The language of Morocco, now finally accessible to everyone!

Online group classes

Our online group classes make learning Darija easy from home, fitting into your busy schedule, with support from your teacher and a motivated community of fellow students.

High-quality learning

We're dedicated to excellence in every class. That's why we select only the best teachers, real language enthousiasts, who understand what it takes to teach and learn Darija.

Suitable for everyone

Our goal is to make Darija accessible to everyone. Learning the Moroccan language becomes an engaging journey, regardless of your background, nationality or proficiency level.

Student testimonials

Our students love our easy-to-follow, well-structured classes, and they learn a lot in a short timeframe.

Why learn Darija?

The Moroccan language, an enrichment for anyone with a passion for Morocco.

Darija-speaking family and friends

Whether you're at home in the Netherlands, Belgium, or any European country, or enjoying your annual vacation in beautiful Morocco, don't let any moment pass without confidence and fluency. Discover the art of fluent speaking and understanding Darija, and forge unforgettable bonds with family, in-laws, friends, and acquaintances.

Travel or immigrate to Morocco

For those who regularly visit Morocco or dream of a life there, it's clear: Darija is the key to fluent communication throughout the country. Darija Institute is ready to help you realize your dreams by fully mastering this essential language.

Real estate or doing business in Morocco

Whether you dream of investing in real estate, buying property, or starting your own project in Morocco, discover the key to independence: mastering the Moroccan language smoothly and effortlessly, making translators and intermediaries unnecessary.

Frequently asked questions

We've compiled all the frequently asked questions and provided explanations here.

How does it work?

Our online Darija group classes are launched only a few times per year, with a limited number of spots available. To ensure a high-quality learning experience, we keep the groups small. A few days before opening registration for new classes, we’ll notify you via email with the exact date and time of the launch. Once the enrollment page goes live, you'll have the opportunity to sign up quickly before all the spots are filled.

What is our learning method?

Since Darija is mainly a spoken language, our emphasis is on practical learning within the appropriate context. Our hands-on approach ensures rapid progress without overwhelming theory. We emphasize mastering vocabulary and sentence structures, enabling you to express yourself with precision and confidence.

Who are our teachers?

Our native Moroccan teachers not only master Darija perfectly, but also speak multiple other languages, including Tamazight, English, Spanish, and Japanese. This makes them true language enthusiasts who understand what it takes to learn a new language. Born and raised in Morocco, they not only teach Darija during the online classes but also share the culture, customs, and etiquette of Morocco, ensuring a complete immersion in the Moroccan language and culture.

What can you expect?

Our Darija group classes are conducted online by native Moroccan teachers fluent in both Darija and English, who are experienced language learners themselves. Each group consists of 10-15 students, ensuring a personalized and engaging learning experience focused on conversation, pronunciation, and practical skills. Additional exercises address areas where students need extra help. You'll also have access to our Darija Academy, which includes all necessary learning materials, such as a Moroccan Darija textbook. You can re-watch classes and engage with your teacher and fellow students for a comprehensive learning experience.

Levels from beginner to advanced

We offer classes for different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can start from scratch, learning the proper rules and structure of Darija, or join our intermediate classes if you already have some knowledge and want to improve. For those looking to perfect their Darija skills, we have advanced classes. If you're unsure which level is right for you, feel free to send us a message, and we'll help you figure it out.

What is the price?

Our prices are announced on our registration page when new Darija group classes are launched. The cost may vary depending on the course length, level, and schedule. We strive to keep our prices fair and affordable for a wide audience.

Schedule - Days and Times

We offer a variety of days and times for online groups classes, including both weekdays and weekends, allowing you to easily fit sessions into your personal schedule.

Is fluency in English necessary?

No, most of our students are from The Netherlands, Belgium, or any other European country. English is not their first language. Our teachers know this and try to make it simple and understandable. If you understand English, you will enjoy and benefit from our classes.

Embark on a fantastic Darija adventure.

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